Friday, March 17, 2006

Manic Weekends!

I have this love and hate relationship with weekends, when the weekend approaches, I have so many plans that I will sit and laze around, read one of the five books I am in the midst of, see Memoirs of a Geisha in Wadala, window shop and eat a subway tuna in a nearby mall. The weekend looks full of possibilities to have a great time and in anticipation I finish all my household chores on Friday so that I can have a longer Saturday.
But of course the above is just a dream which only comes true in parts once in a year or so, if at all. As soon as Saturday dawns, any one of the following things can happen:
  • I can see cobwebs on the ceiling which need to be dusted off immediately
  • The curtains and upholstery suddenly appear to be very dirty and need to be washed immediately
  • I suddenly remember that the Parent Teacher meeting at school is at an unearthly time of 2:30 PM in the afternoon which spoils my plans to do anything
  • There seem to be just too many mailers and letters strewn all about which need to be sorted and destroyed as required
  • One of the almirahs at any given point of time has things tumbling out whenever the doors are opened, they need to be tidied up
  • My maid announces that either vegetables or meat, fish etc are out of stock and they need to be purchased by who else but me
  • My husband decides to take Saturday off and he politely requests for some food and I being the ideal wife that I am, oblige and cook for the family
  • The refridgerator and the kitchen is coated with layers of solidified gravy and grease, thankfully all I have to do is order my maid to clean, but I still have to supervise
  • My son announces (or his teacher sends a threatening note) that there are some tests next week so I have to be a stern Mother and supervise his studies
For the last six months any of these one events has taken place without fail and all the five books that I was reading are stuck mid way. In case you are curious, they are: Winning, Blink, Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, Shantaram (made some progress on this) and Felu Da's Last Case. How I long for a Saturday where I had some time to have some coffee, switch the A.C to full blast, get under the covers and read a book and eventually drift off to sleep - maybe when I retire...
Sundays are different, I get up late and eating elaborate breakfasts, lunches and dinners (thankfully not cooked by me) leaves very little time to do anything except read 5 newspapers, talk with family and watch some TV.
I have of late come to the conclusion that Mondays are not all that manic after all!


Kausum said...

Subway in Wadala ? Oh !!! Last time I was in Mumbai, I just saw a single subway near sterling.

But, I think when I am visiting Mumbai in the next month, I will pass Subway (My regular lunch here).

Maer hathe jhol bhat aar posto is much better.

On a another note, you are from Wadala and TCP also from Wadala. Are you guys neighbors

The Comic Project said...

Monday is a greatttttt day :-) And I wonder why Kausum thinks we are "neighbours" in Wadala ;-) Anyway, all quiet in your part of the world chatterbai?

ichatteralot said...

@Kausum: Noooo you got me all wrong! No Subway at Wadala - only in malls which are sprouting like mushrooms now. Also I am not from Wadala - I live quite far away and TCP is about 7000 miles away currently! He is quite a globe trotter it seems

@TCP: No all is not quiet - spent the last 2 days under curfew due to riots

Casablanca said...

And with that post, my dear, you have totally convinced me to never have kids. Heck, I cant live without my lazy weekends ;)

Albatross said...

Some more additions -

- Look at my car and suddenly you realize that it needs a wash badly...Find someone to wash her everyday !!!!!

- Saturday morning maid announces that she is taking off on already have invited friends on Sunday for lunch !


N said...

Cobwebs, curtains and cupboards...some of my unseemly obsessions too. And now thinking, I will ignore the biological ticking for a few more years!

How's Shantaram going? Somehow, I found it difficult after a while and switched to other books. May go back to it later.

ichatteralot said...

@Casablanca: The piter patter of little feet do come with its own delights and joys but its not for the faint hearted :)

@Albatross: *Groan* I forgot those!

@Anindita: Shantaram is stuck midway, you are right - it seems to have run out of steam ... maybe it'll pick up later