Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Under Seige

My time under seige, hopefully I will be able to write tomorrow. I discovered this interesting concept of a word cloud thanks to Anindita so I went ahead and gave it a try and the results seemed worth publishing.

I have also been discovering
tanabana and its deeper meanings in this new blog.
I also realized that I have been spammed in the comments, I happily thought that I have yet another visitor who had been kind enough to leave a comment but when I checked I found some sort of an advertisement and a vague link so I have turned on word verification now which will hopefully stop such entries.

Here are my blog word clouds - I have a preference for Cloud No 9!

Cloud 9

Cloud 7


The Comic Project said...

you are popular chatterbai for you have SPAM :)

ichatteralot said...

@TCP: May be but I definitely dont need a university degree or a rolex watch!

Anonymous said...

You have included me in your world.You know it the best way to do it.

We are going our seperate ways but this is the best way to peep in your world.

Moreover, i need a vegetarian receipe from you.

See you tomorrow