Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Loo Sojourn

Every morning when I land at work, I have to rush to the washroom for obvious reasons and to rectify my scarecrow like appearance to suit the sleek corporate environs. As soon as I enter I am assailed by this bevy of beauties chatting constantly while applying various forms of paints, powders and creams on their faces and brushing their carefully streaked, styled and rebonded manes (perms are out of fashion). My focus is to push through and find an open door.

While I am inside I get to hear the most amazing conversations and juicy bits of gossip which is kind of difficult to come by in the circles I move in. So yes I am guilty of staying inside and eavesdropping at times like these while feeling quite miserable about my shoes and handbags which never match, my unpainted trimmed nails, my boring black hair, my two lipsticks which are at least six years old and my seemingly dowdy loose fitting clothes. Eavesdropping was my sweet revenge!

There are some queen bees who lead this pack and are trend setters and then there are some painfully obvious 'wannabes' who will do anything to ape the leaders. A lot of critical appraisals happen inside the hallowed chambers where the wannabes shower praises on the queens and the queens give out some of their beauty secrets to these poor hapless souls.

The conversations I have overheard are mostly about makeup, clothes and men. The men being the most interesting as I get to hear some tid-bits about the top honchos in the workplace and what they did at a party, about boyfriends and insecurities, about husbands who beat one of these ladies when drunk, about the pass their boss made at them and so on.

Their world is so far removed from mine so its easy for me to draw conclusions about them but after all my eavesdropping I know now that the administrative sales and support staff (who I thought were hired just to look decorative and do this and that) have equally if not more difficult jobs than us but they always do it with a smile on their face.


The Comic Project said...

Interesting to know that you have some pretty ones out there. In the place you worked previously, we men categorized employees as male and "non-male". Ouch. Sorry. Not that the quality of men was great except..ahem..a few.

Kausum said...

When I used to work, I never saw any of these beautiful ladies. We infact on seeing pretty ones use to assume she was a visitor to the premises.

But later on I had a project and had to be at the client site and met few pretty ones. I and my friend used to be client interfaces for requirement analysis for the team. My friend used to give me the gossips which abounded in the "little ladies room" if I may call it and believe me, her every trip had new information.

ichatteralot said...

@TCP: And WHO would those men be?? I didn't see them :(

@Kausum: I guess the ladies room is a place for female bonding in the workplace where people feel safe discussing things they would normally avoid outside

Sona said...

ur literary power is very strong. I can only describe u as Arundhuti Roy of Corporate World.Keep it up.Keep ur good working going[flowing].It is not Easy to balance between office shedule/demands,and still persuing some good positive Hobbies.