Friday, March 03, 2006


I am about two months old as far as blogging goes, I am not sure what was the motivation behind blogging but my writing attempts are about a few years old. I started off with soulful philosophical letters to people, and then I moved on to writing editorials for an in-house publication, then some articles for the company magazine and now this blog. Hopefully I will graduate someday to full time writing ... guess only time will tell.

I am utterly charmed by the whole concept, it is like sitting in a breezy sunlit room with all my thoughts spread out and people drop by from all over the world across cultures and communities, browse through the sheaf of my thoughts and leave their comments. At times I wish I had eyes and ears to see these visitors, offer them tea and biscuits, chat a while and hope that I'll see them again soon. I like following the footprints people leave and go around the whole world and discover so much more than I would have done without discovering blogs.

A big Thank You to all the visitors who have stopped by and thanks to TCP for encouraging me to blog!


Anonymous said...

You are a pleasure to read, so thank you back. Keep writing often. I just discovered your blog about 2 weeks ago. Perhaps I'll be encouraged to start a blog too sometime....????
Best wishes,

ichatteralot said...

@Uma: Thanks Uma! Blogging is quite easy really, its like writing a letter to the world and its your personal diary where you dont have to b eperfect or please anyone so maybe you should start!

Anjali said...

I thought this was beautifully expressed. Love the thought of being offered tea and biscuits when I come here ...