Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Fish Philosophy in a Washroom

Most of the Fish books talk about 'Making someone's day', I came across this gesture from someone (who knows nothing about Fish) who we just take for granted and rarely ever give a second glance.

I would not really give us as a race a lot of awards in keeping public amenities clean. Knowing this, the organization employs 24x7 housekeeping staff who make sure that the toilet is clean, toilet paper folded neatly into a V, enough tissues and there are no nasty odors.

We rush in and rush out barely giving these ladies a smile. I did talk once in a while when this lady asked me a question or two. The other day I wore a sari and managed to look quite a mess with asymmetry everywhere. During my mid morning visit to the wash room, this lady literally berated me for wearing something so pretty all wrong. She took charge, fixed the pleats, pinned wherever necessary and I was transformed to this elegant air hostess sort of a look.

To be honest I was having a stressful day because every time I stepped on my sari I thought the whole thing would fall apart. This lady put my fears to rest with all the pins in place, boosted my confidence levels and certainly made my day. This was such a sweet and kind gesture from someone I barely knew.

I just realized that I didn't even ask her name. I must do it when I visit the washroom next...

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