Thursday, January 12, 2006

Art of Jugglery

It seems I am getting good at it every day! I have read lots of articles about how the 'Modern Indian Woman' has to manage house, demanding careers, maids, in-laws, parents, kids and so on. I guess the 'Indian Woman' is quite the superwoman who manages all these roles and responsibilities and usually sails through it without getting ruffled but there are challenging moments and here is just a glimpse into a 'Day in the life of an Indian Woman'...

Alarm rings at 5:30 but I am down with the sniffles so I quit the idea of going to the gym and go back to sleep and dream of osteoporosis and creaking joints catching up with me in my old age. I guess it was induced by the guilt of not going to the gym.

I wake up at 7:00 AM and tell my husband that I have an office party tonight and will be back at 11:30 PM. A few minutes later I added 'Can you send the driver to the hotel?' and I am faced with instant resistance. I am given a lecture on neglecting my son and how my continuous partying is bound to have negative effects on how he turns out as an individual.

It’s a lecture I hear every time I have to go out at night (roughly 2-3 times a year). I also listen to the various reasons about why the car cannot be sent to pick me up. I breezily shrug and say I'll catch a cab and continue to brush my teeth.

Over a tense breakfast I am told about the project that my son has to complete by the 16th which is a good few days away. I am also given a sermon on how he sacrificed various nights out with friends to be with family to which I serenely respond ..'Oh but you must go out - I can more or less manage without you'

Goodbyes are said before leaving for work, a few everyday sentences are left out for obvious reasons...

I carry on with a leisurely breakfast, read 2 newspapers, wake up my son, help him do some of his project work, run the washing machine, select a nice dress from my wardrobe, hang out the clothes to dry, get ready, put my favorite perfume and explain to my son that I have to go out with those Frenchmen (not even good-looking ones :-( ) and will be back before he goes to sleep. He understands perfectly and shoos me off to work.

While traveling I get a call from my husband that the car will be sent to my office at 7:30 and he will come back slightly earlier and take care of my son's homework!

Not such a bad day after all!

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