Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A Walk Down the Street

I get up bleary eyed every morning, brush my teeth and rush to the gym to shed the flab that is added due to ever increasing incomes and better lifestyles (however hard earned that may be). Saturdays are different though, I dont have to wake up at the crack of dawn, I take my time, read the paper, have breakfast and then go for my workouts. Saturdays are all the more special because I have time for other 'pamper myself' activities too. While coming back home I walk half the way, window shop, browse though the local library and buy a few things for home.

One such Saturday afternoon, all the usual Saturday activities I was feeling great about myself and thought that I would indulge in one of those delicacies that my dietician strictly forbade me to eat and went ahead and got a few things which I would gorge on (ok nibble on!) while I read a book at home.

While walking down, I pass a popular restaurant, my pace was slow, I had time to observe my surroundings and in doing so I noticed a beggar sitting under a tree, the sight is common enough to people living in big cities. I looked further and I saw that he had some half rotten discarded leftovers (probably from the plates of the patrons of that restaurant) and a newspaper from a nearby bin for a plate. I thought of the rumblings in my stomach, the goodies in my bag and the feelings of anticipation about enjoying them.

My inner voice screamed at me to give my bag of goodies to this beggar, let him enjoy his food for once. But unfortunately I have acquired a lot of flab in areas other than my physical body. I didn't listen and walked on and told myself that I will do this tomorrow. I will find the beggar, buy him a meal etc etc. I went home and tried reading my book and nibble on the stuff which I had brought which seemed to taste a lot like cardboard or perhaps it was just the taste of disgust (aimed at self).

Perhaps the inner joy of giving my bag of goodies to the beggar would have been far greater than eating it myself. Since that day I try to look out for the beggar but I haven't seen him since. I guess opportunities to truly shed the flab of apathy are rare.

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