Wednesday, January 11, 2006

A Thank You Note

Just something I discovered amongst the piles that I wrote centuries back (it seems like that now!) - it was a note written to somebody but its a view point I would like to share here....

It just sort of occurred to me that all of us so so busy with ourselves, I would say we spend about 95% of our time in running after our goals, desires. wants etc, given this situation, time and our attention are so much at premium and precious specially if we choose to give it to something or someone that does not serve our goals in any way.

So I just wanted to say that I really appreciate the time you have taken out for me, you may have done it willingly or unwillingly at times, I know I can be pushy, irrational, emotional, rude or irritatingly honest at times (but most times I am nice or naughty). As for your attention, I am deeply honored. Human attention is a very rare commodity these days and I treasure, value and respect everything that I get.

1 comment:

aditi said...

I am sure that you made the day of the "somebody" you mention. I am sure each one of us crave for similar mails.