Thursday, May 18, 2006


My boss told me that I have to go to Los Angeles for a month, my first reaction is pleasant, being right in the midst of beautiful beaches and Hollywood was interesting. Then the waves of worry replaced the initial thrill - one month is a long time and everything will be topsy turvy at home. Added to that, my maid's tantrums, my Mother in Law's various ailments, my husband's work related travel plans and my son's vacations, complete despair set in. All of it just because I will be away for a month and the family will be thrown out of gear.

The wives manage just fine when the husbands go away for work, why can’t the husbands manage when the wives are away? They behave like helpless babies who need to be given instructions on a daily basis! To ease the pain of my not being around, I have to stock up on groceries which will cover the month, plan the menu with my maid, employ additional domestic help to fill in for the labor that I put in and give my son a few activities and assignments which I hope will keep him occupied.

AT the end of all this I think that perhaps it would have been better to refuse the assignment altogether but another side of me wants to go and work and have fun. I guess this is the eternal dilemma of the working woman who has to balance out home and work.


M (tread softly upon) said...

It is so true that the females always know how to fend for themselves, yet the husbands are so lost when wife dearest is gone. I'd say stock up and organize stuff but surely take the assignment and have some fun. He will survive. They all do.

BlondebutBright said...

Ha ha. I think they just act helpless because they know that they'll be taken care of. Good for you for going, sounds like a great opportunity!

Nidhi said...

hey...i know you must be in a dillema...but will wait to see what you decide... :P

I am not yet a wife or a mother..but i can feel the tension..

take care...muaah !!

Albatross said...

No comments :)