Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Life's a Beach

Here are some pictures of Santa Monica beach on Memorial Day. It seemed that all of California was out on those beautiful beaches and it almost came close to Juhu on a Sunday in Mumbai.
Interestingly, I have always loved this song by Sheryl Crow called ‘All I want to do is have some fun’, that is precisely what I did this weekend, but the only difference from Sheryl’s song was that I had fun till the sun set on Santa Monica Boulevard!
Memorial Day
A tribute to all soldiers, army, navy, marines, coast guards and air force. There was another pillar on the side dedicated to all soldiers who dies in various military operations in the line of duty since 1999. A pretty picture indeed.
The Pier
Everybody is out to have a great time. Somewhat like a walk down to Haji Ali in Mumbai, musicians playing the guitar or flute, people standing up on benches and trying to entertain the passers by to make some money, the serpentine queues for all the restaurants on the pier, the ancient carousel (set up by the Coney Island creator) which has been in existence since the birth of the pier in 1924, the numerous pretzel and hot dog stands by the side…
The Sailboats and Surfers
The oh so blue sea with pretty white sailboats drifting about happily aided by strong gusty winds. The surfers trying to ride waves which did not seem to be as high as I saw in Baywatch and my men readers would be disappointed to learn that the ladies and the men are mostly overweight and way beyond Baywatch expectations! There were some visual treats but very rare!
The Shade
The tall palm trees and beautiful green grass and the inviting shade made me fulfill one of my simple ambitions of sitting under a tree and reading a book, a hammock would have been perfect but one doesn't get everything. Some of the homeless wanderers had spread out their sleeping bags and rested in the shade, a physically challenged person had placed his 2 legs aside and dozed off, a pretty girl sat under a tree rubbing sun tan lotion, readying herself for the beach while the cool breeze blew gently.

The Sun and the Sand

A walk on the beach and the lovely warm feeling of sand between my toes made me realize a few things, the castles we build are temporary, the footprints we leave on the sand are temporary, the next big wave is but a reality, which will wipe it all clean and leave us with fresh smooth surfaces to build upon again. Walking on sand is also about rebalancing and finding steadiness in a constantly changing ground, I envy the light footed creatures of the beach who move with such speed and ease as compared to my apparently laborious movements.

The Californians do know how to enjoy every moment in between the waves.


BlondebutBright said...

Looks beautiful! I'm glad you're having a great time.

The Comic Project said...

nice photos chatterbai :) when are you coming back?

ichatteralot said...

@BBB: Hey thanks!

@TCP: 29 June back in India its a mixed feeling, I miss everybody at home, I like being here absorbing stuff and not having a 24x7 job of scheduling my time so that I have a sizeable time for all activities and people. I can actually do what I like, when I like and how I like. Its kind of liberating...

Nautilus said...

Santa Monica Boulevard...did you stay there till the sun came up? :-)

ichatteralot said...

@Nautilus: Nah... more like till the sun came down. For me the sun come up on the Sunset Boulevard!

marshmallow said...

hm. i'm just back from california and i can tell you, it was pretty hot and dry.

Kausum said...

I dont know about calif, but its higher 90's in DC and humid. Its hell. Feels like summer in India.

Glad, that you had a nice long weekend

ichatteralot said...

@marshmallow: The weather's nice - it slike Bombay winter and dry .. so no sweat and it feels great.

@Kausum: Go out and enjoy the warm weather! Think how awful snow is and you'll like it! This weekend its Bel Air, Beverly Hills & Disney :)

Kausum said...

Hey, how was Disney? I think, you would have wished you son was with you in Disney.

And did u shop at Beverly Hills and see the filthy rich?