Sunday, August 08, 2010

Just a little Poem

Written for an event at my son's school (Courage House)

We at the Courage House
Caught a little mouse
And trained him to race
In a mighty maze

The mouse was surprised
That he could win a prize
By running a race
And eating cheese in a maze

The mouse raced along
The cheese made him strong
He was certified to compete
And his registration complete

Then came the day
When the officials say
"The race is to be at Ascot"
"Bring your mouse Godot"

We at Courage wail in dismay
"Ascot? That's miles away!"
We have tickets to book
Pack clothes taken off the hook

At Ascot the day dawns
The dew sparkles on the green lawns
Godot is wearing Green, White and Orange
All ready to face the challenge

We at courage bite our nails
As we follow Godot's travails
As the mice race on the track
We cheer for 10, the number on Godot's back

Godot was off like the wind
There was a ball of Gouda all skinned
On top of a golden cup
On which a thousand mice could sup

Godot won by a yard and more
And dived straight into the Gouda's core
Mice and men toast Godot's run
We at Courage had a lot of fun