Thursday, March 22, 2007

Writer's Block

After 13 months of bright sunny weather the much dreaded clouds have appeared, dark and dense which keeps out the light of creative thought altogether. Perhaps this is the work of the so called cruel number thirteen? So many times I can see my mental typewriter tapping away thoughts and ideas for me to write about, something akin to white fluffy clouds that float about on a bright sunny day without the promise of rain. When it's time for the words to rain on this Blog, they just shrivel up and die.

It’s all there in my mind, all the fantastic stories, the amusing anecdotes, the various experiences of ordinary day to day life yet my fingers refuse to execute thoughts into words. My mind comes up with excuses as to why I should not be stealing fifteen minutes after lunch break to write something. All I need to do is just to sit down and write but alas!

How can such a simple action be so complex? Writing is after all a gift of expression and all we humans want to do is express ourselves. Why has my mind suddenly obstructing what is a seemingly natural process?

While writing this piece, I fearfully opened notepad (as that is the blankest screen editor possible!) and hoped that I could at least put into words my current dilemma and thankfully, the words did flow. Perhaps it's all in the mind (as a friend often tells me), all I really need to do is to break those imaginary shackles and let my words flow like an endless river...


Shreemoyee said...

So you are itching to write and the words are not coming? or is it time?

Kausum said...

I agree with you so much. I have been struggling to write for couple of months now and I would like to share things. But once I start writing it just doesn't feel the way it was before.

I always have this question when I start writing, Do I really want to share it? and as I sat down to write a review of Namesake, I couldnt write anything and yet as soon as I closed 'notepad' I had words and thoughts streaming by.

But nice to see you back.

Nautilus said...

Its not such a great deal...when words don't come don't write!This blog is your personal space shouldn't feel pressurized to write :-)

Welcome back!

ichatteralot said...

@Shreemoyee: Yes its time but then when dooes one have enough time?

@Kausum: You have been managing fine and I guess what Nautilus says is so true - it's our space and we are under no compulsion to write! However I did miss all my visitors :)

@Nautilus: Thanks - was actually missing talking to you all - had to come back to my virtual tea room :)