Monday, April 03, 2006

Who Am I?

Recently I helped my son with some project work where my son had to list down 20 adjectives (all good) describing himself. Of course I had to help with the list of those words and after I crossed 12 it was kind of difficult! Now if I were to do the same exercise for myself I would probably take days over it. The words are easy to come up with but are they really about "me"? DO I really know myself well enough to come up with words that describe me?

I learn a little about myself each day and I unlearn a bit about myself too everyday. Perhaps I am like a snake that sheds skin periodically, discarding what I don’t need and cultivating what is required. At times I surprise myself by doing something totally unexpected on an impulse and at times I have gone against some of the core values that I have been brought up with and managed to shock myself (without repentance!).

Why do the negative adjectives pop into my mind ahead of the positive adjectives? Are we as a race programmed to be modest or dismissive towards ourselves? Or is it that I want to focus on eliminating the negative aspects of my persona and accept the positive ones without much thought?

These are just some stray thoughts that crossed my mind while I was hunting for those twenty words. Maybe I will answer these questions sometime soon.

Here is what a name decoder says about me, doesn't look too bad!


The Comic Project said...

Modest and Dismissive? Not a chance. Even the ones that appear modest have enough ego to weigh an elephant down by its weight

indianpeppone said...

I can see that u take great pride in the fact that u r not proud!!

Shreyansh said...

Probably humans are inherently selfish and egoistic but since from a very early age we are taught virtues which are quite the opposite , we find it hard to discern what's good and what is not practically. And then questions like what is right and who am i trouble us.

Btw, the snake analogy is interesting.

ichatteralot said...

@TCP: Are you talking about your ego or mine?? A healthy amount of ego is good!

@Indianpeppone: I never said I am humble did I??

Shreyansh: I think being a dog or a snake for that matter might be much easier!