Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A common Thread

Maybe some or all things that happen in our lives are predetermined. There are some incidents in my life which make me believe in it as the days go by.

My Grandmother wanted me to marry into a certain family, perhaps because that was the only family with an eligible Brahmo bachelor! She could not find a suitable Brahmo groom for her daughters (they were married off into Hindu families), so it was her most cherished dream that her grand daughter should marry a Brahmo. Several discreet and not so discreet attempts were made to initiate the alliance, in one such attempt I was pushed in front of my prospective Mother in Law with necessary introductions. She looked vague and I was promptly dismissed. How did I even agree to such a situation I am not sure but when one is young one gets pushed into situations.

My Grandmother passed away after a few months leaving my mother to shoulder the enormous responsibility of marrying me off. I didn't help things by producing a boy friend who wanted to marry me. Responses to matrimonial ads ranged from disappointing to hilarious but not worth taking it ahead.

Six months passed, the atmosphere around me was like as if I had to embrace eternal spinsterhood, marry a tree or join a convent. One fine morning my Mother came across a simple no nonsense matrimonial ad and my profile was sent promptly. The reply came soon enough, the strange part was that it was the same family and man my Grandmother wanted me to marry. Co-incidence? Perhaps the logical mind would explain it that way but I prefer to believe that my Grandmother pulled a few strings up in heaven. I did eventually marry the same person.

A few more co-incidences have happened in my life which make me believe that we are all tied by a common thread, linked to each other in some way or other and some supreme force controls that thread. When a friend calls just when you are thinking of her, when you see a person on a street about whom you were thinking the day before or when some dream replays itself in real life and you get a feeling of déjà vu, it may be that supreme force at work and not just a co-incidence.


indianpeppone said...

De javu, is just a glitch in the matrix when 'they' change something... :-)
The universal conciousness conspiration at work again?????

Anonymous said...

The Supreme force is your mind.If you really want something to happen it will.Think positive and good things will happen.Think negative and not so good things will happe,

Nautilus said...

Wow, now thats what I call destiny! May be your departed granny did pull some strings and made a match in heaven :-)

Sandeep Meher said...

i had never met anybody from the brahmo samaj. in fact, it was only the history lessons in school from where i remember the references (raja rammohan roy and the brahmo samaj he established).
how is the samaj organised in mumbai?

ichatteralot said...

@Indianpeppone: Yes they managed to brainwash me!

@Anonymous: Thanks for the comment, wish I could see you as well. Yes I agree with you completely - makes a lot of practical sense.

@Nautilus: Dunno abt the match made in heaven - it sure has its difficult moments!

@Sandeep Meher: It has a sizeable following here in Mumbai. The Sindhi community had embraced this religion concept in western India, so there are a large no of Sindhi members, rest are Bengali like me. The foundation day (11th day of Magh) is celebrated every year with relevant talks and brahma sangeet (mostly songs of Rabindranath) and Sindhi bhajans. Khichdi is served after the prayer meeting!

Patient Portnoy said...

It's strange, isnt it? Happens often to me, but these things getting rarer and rarer

Brahmo and all that reminded me of my life in Cal. I'm almost a part of that world