Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A Recipe for Bird Flu

Like they say in Hindi, "ghar ki murgi daal barabar" (translates to "chicken at home tastes like lentil soup"). Now even the "ghar ki murgi" has disappeared and we are left with only daal and chawal and of course fish, which no self respecting Bengali can do without every day. Now of all times, ALL cookery shows insist on showing recipes only with chicken and egg - at least the ones on Travel & Living. The show makes me salivate but I am forced to practice self restraint and will power and avoid thinking that chicken and egg ever existed.

The canteen now seems like a dull and boring place, I miss the butter chicken, chicken kolhapuri, chicken masala, chicken sandwich, egg burji, omlette sandwich, frankies, chicken biriyani ... I could go on... Lamb, mutton and pork are not healthy meats; fish is not liked by all so now the office canteen is strictly vegetarian. Even cakes at the pastry counter are certified to be 'egg less' and are dry and chewy.

All I can say is dear chicken and dear egg, I hope you both are certified to be safe for human consumption soon - we sure miss you like hell!

Now here is a recipe for double dose bird flu:

Dim'er Devil (Devilled Eggs)
Recipe for 4 pieces

This is a Bengali rendition of Scotch Eggs

You need:
2 Hard boiled eggs - sliced in half lengthwise
2 Boiled potatoes - large
2 Onions - shredded fine
250 Gms chicken mince - cooked
Chopped Coriander - as per your taste
Chopped green chilies - as per your taste
1 tsp - cumin powder
1/2 tsp - red chili powder
1 Raw egg
Flour and breadcrumbs to coat
Salt - as required


Mash potatoes fine, add a little chopped onion, coriander, green chilies, cumin powder, salt and red chili powder. Mix with mashed potatoes and keep aside.

Fry the remaining chopped onions in oil till golden, add the cooked chicken mince, add seasonings and spices as required and stir till the meat is dry and keep aside.

To assemble:
* Take the half sliced egg
* Cover the yolk side fully with the chicken mince
* Envelope the half egg topped with chicken mince with the mashed potato completely
* Shape into an oval with your hands
* Dust this with flour
* Dip in raw egg
* Roll in bread crumbs
* Deep fry on a moderate flame till golden brown
* Serve with mustard sauce

Guaranteed to give you bird flu and bliss (if you want it)!

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Anjali said...

Sounds absolutely yummy. Now I am even more peeved about Bird Flu!