Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Love Makes The World Go Round

Rather popular line which a person hears off and on, however the over thirty five been there done that set will completely disagree and say that it's lust and not love that makes the world go round. With Valentine's Day becoming 'the' day to express your desire (or love), it has become the second largest revenue source for detective agencies as jealous significant others want to see what he or she is up to. Now love has to be expressed through diamonds preferably or some expensive gift which is again great news for the brands. The new love is more about money and lust and less about love - now whatever that may be!

As an impressionable teen and well into the twenties I did believe that I would find it some day but it seemed to be like that elusive yellow butterfly which rested on a flower briefly. Everyday I hoped that I would meet that person, in a bus, in a college fest, in a party or just bump into him and I would know that he is the one. I don’t know why romantic fiction makes us believe that this is as easy as water - if I waited I would I would turn gray I am sure. While I was waiting I did bump into many 'probable' cases but either there was too much of distance and lack of expression or it was too open ended or too cloying or too obsessive but never seemed to be just right.

The jaded say that love is an illusion, the believers say that true love lasts forever, the people who have loved and lost say its better to have loved and lost than not having found love at all. After so many thousands of years existence we still have not been able to decipher and understand this seemingly complex emotion.

Love between a man and a woman may be a big question mark but the love one feels for one's child is the most enduring, selfless and purest form of love till date.

All of secretly hope or hoped to find this sometime, perhaps we do find it eventually but in a different form or a different place, or a different source than we expected, perhaps most times we don’t even realize that we have actually found it and keep chasing that dream...

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