Monday, February 20, 2006

Book & Movie Review

I have a few things which I can write about but blogging needs serious undivided time which I haven't had over the long weekend - it was long because I bunked office on Friday and did all the things that my heart desired.

I day dreamt (wonder if that is a correct phrase?), I slept, I ate, I watched Rang De Basanti and I picked up this book called Shantaram. All of these activities were equally excellent but since my day dreams are unmentionable and describing what I ate will not really interest the world out there I might as well write about the book and the movie.


I do keep saying that books are better than men, the reasons why books are better is not of interest here. The book is written straight from the heart and even though many situations seem to be over the top but one can still relate to it. As a story, it is free flowing and easy to read like a thriller. There are essentially two things that make this book special, a few lines in the book make you sit up because at some time or the other we have been through similar emotions and it puts into words which we perhaps just felt at that moment. Some of the lines and the contradictions are rather poetic and makes one stop and think for a while. The other aspect is Bombay, it gives the reader an insight into the spirit of the city and its people, the good and the bad often overlap and there are no clear demarcations. The book is a very real representation of Bombay. I'll finish this review when I read the whole of 936 pages!

Rang De Basanti

The whole world by now knows that this is a great movie so maybe it’s rather late to write a review on the movie now. So if anybody is still waiting to go and see it - just do it, it’s worth your money. What uplifted me about the movie was that despite the general apathy all around, rampant consumerism and the all important need of today's generations to satisfy self, someone has bothered to make a movie which attempts to wake us up, take notice and just go and change the world for the better. The new age movie with a message is here. The second point which made me jump with excitement is that it was shot in Modern School, Barakhamba Road - seeing your alma mater on the big screen is quite a kick and when I nearly shouted - "Hey, that's my school!!!", almost the entire hall full of people turned around and looked at me. Well, I have done my bit for dear old MHS sitting here in Bombay!


Ego Cogito said...

My partner is also reading Shantaram. I have seen him laugh and cry and sometimes just have to put the book down and swallow what he has read.

It has inspired him to want to travel to India. It would be great if you could drop by my blog to read my thoughts on travelling in India.

Kausum said...

Dropped by to say, Shantaram is amazing. Read only 130 pages until now but it gives you the feel of Bombay and transports me to Cafe Leopold. Better than the other Book "Maximum City"

Another observation: Your reviews about Delhi, Calcutta and Mumbai is so true. I couldnt agree with you more.

The Comic Project said...

1st 2 pages of Shantaram - the description of Bombay!! Best ever. Read it in Nov '04 in a stupid chicago hotel room..the only good thing that happened to me then

N said...

Agree with both. Shantaram makes me cry and laugh...just started reading it. And RDB was a joy! Do drop by my blog some time.

Anjali said...

I'm currently neck deep in Shantaram ... it IS a beautifully written book, isn't it?

... and agree totally about RDB